Dear Pop,

Everyone at home is put at risk when anyone comes over, and so is the family of the person coming. Now, I am not meeting my friends even though I haven’t met them in so long, mumma is not meeting hers and dada ma don’t even go out because of how things are, but you get to go to your office. That is ok, because it is important. But then, you do meetings which can be done on Zoom, and you go to meet with friends — these are not (at least should not be) as important as the health of you, your family and others’. It is only a matter of a few months that we maintain some caution, and all of this is only for the safety of everyone at home. We are doing it, and so can you — because all it takes is to meet one infected person: then, everyone is stressed out and has to self-isolate for days, just because of that unlucky encounter.

Now, you say that you are protected and so are others because they are vaccinated/have recovered. That is not true, as it says here. . Also, people can get reinfected and suffer a stronger infection. It is also important to realize that the important thing is to contain the spread of the virus, because that’s the only way to make things sustainably better. You may justify being carefree by saying that you won’t get as sick — however, if you catch the virus, you can still spread it to others, and so you trample on all that everyone else is doing to help the situation.

At the end of the day, you do what you want to, since no one can control your actions. However, the truth remains the truth — vaccinated people can transmit the virus, and reinfections can happen and may be worse. All actions have consequences, and you should be mindful of the consequences of your actions before undertaking them. I only say all of this out of a place of love and care, because I want to ensure the safety of our family, as I’m sure you do too. Just for a few months, be a little more cautious?